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Enzo Bonafé x Dandy Shoe Care - Patina Niasca

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Once again we have collaborated with Dandy Shoe Care to give you a chance to own a pair with a unique patina. This time it's the Enzo Bonafè Longwing Boot that has been given a new make-up. Style 3935, Last 363 mod, rubber sole. Handwelted in Bologna, Italy. ONLINE EXCLUSIVE.

The words of Alexander Nurulaeff "Dandy Shoe Care"
There are places in Italy where Beauty is so immense, that you think - if there is a heaven, it looks like like this place. In this Patina I have tried to combine the beauty of colors of Sun, Rocks and Woods along the sea. Amazing scenery that you see from the tops of the mountains overlooking the sea of Portofino Bay - an atmosphere of total delight and relaxation. Thank you so much to those dear friends, that made me discover this magnificent place. 

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