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Enzo Bonafé x Dandy Shoe Care - Patina Barolo Monprivato

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Once again we have collaborated with Dandy Shoe Care to give you a chance to own a pair with a unique patina. This time it's the Enzo Bonafè Longwing Boot that has been given a new make-up. Style 3935, Last 363 mod, rubber sole. Handwelted in Bologna, Italy. 

The words of Alexander Nurulaeff "Dandy Shoe Care"
We could not miss to dedicate a Patina to one of Italian's excellence; the Barolo wine. Throughout the years, we’ve made a lot of patinas in a burgundy color, which always had huge success. This time, however, we decided to go further. This is an absolutely amazing color that resembles a very fine and good wine. In this Patina you can see Earth, grapes, hot harvest days, the wood of the cask, and wine, which fills crystal goblets. And don't forget to add the sunbeams an hour before sunset… 

 Boots  Enzo Bonafé  Odd Stock  Online Exclusive  Rubber Sole

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